Thursday, March 01, 2012

Nonprofits Challenged with Integrating Email, Growing, and Retaining Email Marketing Contact Lists, According to Sage Survey: Quarterly Survey Looked at North American Nonprofits’ Email Marketing Goals and Objectives

AUSTIN, TX (March 1, 2012)—Sage North America today announced the results of its Sage Nonprofit Insights, Q4 2011, survey of U.S. and Canadian nonprofit organizations, which focused on questions related to nonprofits’ email marketing (“e-marketing”) goals and objectives and use of email marketing tools.

According to the survey, the most significant email marketing challenges for nonprofit organizations are growing and retaining contacts (38% of respondents), integrating email with other systems (38%), and integrating email with other tactics (38%). By far, the main barriers to overcoming email marketing challenges are inadequate resources and expertise (71% of respondents).

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The religious give more to charity, according to CAF report: Religious people donate more than twice as much to charity as those who are not, according to a survey by the Charities Aid Foundation.

CAF found that those who said they had religious beliefs gave an average of �576 to charity over the previous year, compared with �235 by people with no religious faith.

However, only 31 per cent of religious donors had given money to a religious activity.

The top two causes for both religious and non-religious donors were medical charities and overseas aid.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Report on California Foundations | The Center on Philanthropy & Public Policy: New Report on California Foundations

A new report conducted by The Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy shows philanthropic giving by California's foundations jumped from $2.8 billion to $6 billion over the past decade despite two economic recessions during that period. California's growth in the foundation sector continues to outpace the nation in all areas studied - the total number of foundations, their assets and total giving.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Giving in Florida Improves Slowly, Report Finds | PND | Foundation Center: Giving in Florida Improves Slowly, Report Finds

While the recession took its toll on charitable giving in Florida, early signs suggest that a general improvement in the fundraising climate in 2010 continued into 2011, a new report from the Tampa-based Florida Philanthropic Network finds.