Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Colorado Nonprofit Association

Colorado Nonprofit Association: "Weathering the Storm: Challenges and Opportunities Facing Colorado Nonprofits During Recession, jointly published by the Colorado Nonprofit Association and the Community Resource Center, highlights the impact of Colorado's economy in early 2009 on the demand for programs and the fundraising to support those programs"

Monday, December 14, 2009

State's charities need experienced leadership | | The News Journal

State's charities need experienced leadership | | The News Journal: "While they may be well-capitalized, a culture of fiefdoms stagnates too many organizations. The internal inefficiency and disarray are obvious in the substandard level of service being provided.

As it should be, the recently released 'Philanthropy In The First State, Delaware's Nonprofits, Individual Donors and Grantmaking Organizations' report is the talk of the state's nonprofit community.

This first-ever analysis brims with demographic and philosophical validity for a sea change in individual and corporate giving ."